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i'd cross my heart and hope to die but the needle's already in my eye

i like to make lists. and pretty things. let's see...
i've _____ with 6 people.
i've _____ 10 people.
i've been in _____ three times. or maybe only twice. perhaps, even, only once?
however, i don't really believe in _____. it's a categorical error.
i've had two _____ crushes.
i've seen _____ girl(s) naked.
i've seen _____ boy(s) naked.
i've been truly _____ by only one boy.
i'm ticklish only near my _____...
i get really turned on by _____, which I have to guess is rather unnatural for most humans.
i love it when people call me _____ ...
if you _____ me often for long periods of time i will be yours forever
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